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Kasahara Cup 2018
06–October 07, 2018, Geneva, Switzerland

The tournament is over! Thanks to all for participating and see you next year!



1. Italia Mix

Alberto Sozzi, Fabio Bussi, Alessandro Ricaldone, Fabrizio Mandia, Andrea Giacobbe

2. Saint Etienne

Wilfried Olivier, Andres Massa, Gilliam Sayad, Guilhem Voitellier, Thomas Peyroche

3. Racailloux d'Auralsace

Naoki Henry-Viel, Mateo Chesneau, Antonin Grebel, Quentin Dosch, Ugo Goliard

3. Ronins

Yoonsu Kim, Thierry Mayaud, Ludovic Hidrio, Guillaume Reipold, Jerome Augustin


1. Veronika Orasch (Ten Do Kan Aarau)

2. Marine Vandenberghe (Ken Shin Kan Valence)

3. Kayoko Nagono (Annecy)

3. Melissa Keranovic (Ten Do Kan Aarau)

FS: GinJing Ching (Tora Dojo London)


1. Yoonsu Kim (Western Sydney University Kendo Club)

2. Fabrizio Mandia (Kodokan Alessandria)

3. Ghais Guelaia (Ecole Lyonnaise De Sabre Japonnais)

3. Toru Izumi (Tora London)

FS: Carlos Daniel Del Valle Prada (Zanshin Madrid)


1. Youzo Moutarde (Annecy)

2. Tetsuya Hata (Shung Do Kwan Genève)

3. Hiroaki Hata (Shung Do Kwan Genève)

3. Ayaka Yamada (Shung Do Kwan Genève)

FS: Miku Yagi (Shung Do Kwan Genève)


1. Takumi Henry-Viel (Annecy)

2. Niels Barraclough (Annemasse)

3. Pénélope Jaquet (Shung Do Kwan Genève)

Latest headline

Kyu exams September 24, 2018

This year again, we will have Kyu examinations for members of the Swiss Kendo Federation on the 6th of October at 9h30. To apply, please check the corresponding box in the registration form and send an email to with your first and last name, date of birth, SJV Budopass number (if you already have one) and the grade you'd like to obtain fill this form. Good luck to everyone!

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