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Kasahara Cup 2015
26–September 27, 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

Warning: Registration is closed since September 24, 2015 23:59
The tournament is over! Thanks to all for participating and see you next year!



1. Saint Etienne 1

Arnaud Pons, Andres Massa, Wilfried Olivier, Alban Ranchon, Hervé Blanchard


Daniel Antoni, Koïchi Nakabayashi, Kei Ito, Jonathan Bertout, Jukoh Takeuchi

3. Alessandria

Fabrizio Mandia, Guido Drago, Pietro Butti, Alberto Sozzi, Andrea Firbus

3. Swiss Men

Chris Kröbl, Oliver De Capitani, Mathieu Schoch, Max Mosbacher, David Pipola


1. Fabrizio Mandia (Alessandria)

2. Arnaud Pons (Saint Etienne)

3. Sylvain Chodkowski (Pessac)

3. Kei Ito (BUDO IX)

FS: Marine Vandenberghe (Valence)


1. Pauline Stolarz (Saint Etienne)

2. Kiyoko Moutarde (Annecy)

3. Misato Chiba (Genève)

4. Inès Loidi (Toulous)

FS: Aneline Lamour (Poitiers)


1. Ugo Goliard (Le Puy)

2. Naoki Henry-Viel (Annecy)

3. Theo Renz (Zürich)

3. Takumi Henri-Viel (Annecy)

FS: Naima Geiger (Zürich)


1. Masahiro Ueda (Genève)

2. Louis Moutarde (Annecy)

3. Enzo Thivolle (Valence)

3. Lucca Dubret (Annemasse)

FS. Brian Lupton (Annemasse)

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Registrations are open 18 June 2015

Registrations for the 29th Kasahara Cup are open. We hope to see many of you in Geneva next September!

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