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Kasahara Cup 2019
28–September 29, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

The tournament is over! Thanks to all for participating and see you next year!



1. Saint Etienne

Dimitri Paraskevaidis, Andres Massa, Giliam Sayad, Lucas Pina Pinichet, Arnaud Pons

2. Kodokan Alessandria

Alberto Sozzi, Fabio Bussi, Gabriele Ventura , Fabrizio Mandia, Alessandro Ricaldone

3. Buchelay

Ludovic Hidrio, Mathieu Besnard, Agnieszka Wial, Kevin Champagne, Fabrice Hald

3. Swiss Men

Christopher Strub, Max Mosbacher, Silvan Ott, Ricardo Rodrigues, Patrick Kipfer


1. Sabrina Kumpf (Aarau)

2. Lyna Maaziz (French Ladies)

3. Laure Bellivier (Genève)

3. Veronika Orasch (Basel)

FS: Marine Vandenberghe (Valence)


1. Daisuke Endo (Genève)

2. Yannis Jaquet (Genève)

3. Arnaud Pons (Saint Etienne)

3. Giliam Sayad (Saint Etienne)

FS: Carlos Daniel Del Valle Prada (Madrid)

Junior U12

1. Masaki Yamanaka (Budo XI, Paris)

2. Youzo Moutarde (Annecy)

3. David Jacquemoud (Lucerne)

3. Marco Hecht (Lucerne)

FS: Hiroaki Hata (Genève)

Junior U15

1. Nolan Champagne (Buchelay)

2. Erwan Pialat (Le Puy)

3. Tetsuya Hata (Genève)

3. Pénélope Jaquet (Genève)

FS: Marie Débonnaire (Lausanne)

Junior U18

1. Hiroki Yamanaka (Budo XI, Paris)

2. Mateo Chesneau (Chambéry)

3. Ugo Goliard (Le Puy)

3. Antonin Grebel (Chambéry)

FS: Quentin Dosch (Strasbourg)

Latest headline

Kyu exams September 17, 2019

This year again, we will have Kyu examinations for members of the Swiss Kendo Federation on Saturday 28th September 2019 at 9:30 am. To apply, please fill the following form. Good luck to everyone!

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