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Kasahara Cup 2016
17–September 18, 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

Warning: Registration is closed since September 14, 2016 23:59
The tournament is over! Thanks to all for participating and see you next year!



1. Ken Shin Kan

Endy Thivolle, Daniel Antoni, Sylvain Chodkowski, Laurent Micout, Koïchi Nakabayashi

2. Swiss Men

Chris Kroebl, Mathieu Schoch, Max Mosbacher, David Pipola, Yannick Rothacher

3. Saint-Etienne

Steven Guerra, Andres Massa, Wilfried Olivier, Pauline Stolarz, Marine Vandenberghe

3. Budokan mixed

Stephan Buob, Louis Moutarde, Christos Stamatopoulos, Oscar Kimura, Olivier Perrenoud


1. Endy Thivolle (Valence)

2. Sylvain Chodkowski (Pessac)

3. Yannick Rothacher (Zürich)

3. Yannis Jaquet (Genève)

FS: Marine Vandenberghe (Valence)


1. Pauline Stolarz (Saint Etienne)

2. Laure Bellivier (Genève)

3. Kiyoko Moutarde (Annecy)

3. Magda Badir (Aubergenville)

FS: Sara Van Laecken (Belgium)


1. Theo Renz (Zürich)

2. Noam Viallet (Valence)

3. Jvar Koller (Lucerne)

3. Takumi Henri-Viel (Annecy)

FS: Kaori Kimberleigh Krammer (Lucerne)


1. Quentin Dosch (Strasbourg)

2. Naoki Henry-Viel (Annecy)

3. Mathéo Chesneau (Chambéry)

3. Erik Koller (Lucerne)

FS. Luca Dubret (Annemasse)

Latest headline

30th edition of the tournament August 18, 2016

This year is a bit special as we celebrate the 30th edition of the Kasahara Cup. For this occasion, the Saturday dinner will be held at the “Pizzeria de la Fontenette”, not far from the competition hall 🍕🍝

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