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Kasahara Cup 2014
September 27, 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

Warning: Registration is closed since September 25, 2014 01:59
The tournament is over! Thanks to all for participating and see you next year!




Daniel Antoni, Jonathan Bertout, Walter Mccahon, Jukoh Takeuchi, Antoine Gascoin

2. Swiss Team 1

Cyrian Pitteloud, Chris Kröbl, Yannick Rothacher, Mathieu Schoch, Oscar Kimura

3. Alessandria

Antonella Alvarez Garcia, Guido Drago, Fabrizio Mandia, Alessandro Ricaldone, Alberto Sozzi

3. Saint Etienne 1

Alban Ranchon, Wilfried Olivier, Andres Massa, Arnaud Pons, Thomas Peyroche, Pauline Stolarz


1. Fabrizio Mandia (Alessandria)

2. Oscar Kimura (Zürich)

3. Arnaud Pons (Saint Etienne)

3. Yannick Rothacher (Zürich)

FS: Tom Widdows (Manchester)


1. Sabrina Kumpf (Germany)

2. Pauline Stolarz (Saint Etienne)

3. Safia Fadai (Germany)

4. Misato Chiba (Japan)

FS: Catherine Köppe (Germany)


1. Ugo Goliard (Le Puy)

2. Theo Renz (Zürich)

3. Thais Kimura (Zürich)

3. Takumi Henri-Viel (Annecy)

FS: Léonie Lafont (Annecy)


1. Louis Moutarde (Annecy)

2. Gilliam Sayad (Saint Etienne)

3. Masahiro Ueda (Japan)

3. Guillaume Buob (Lausanne)

FS. Erik Koller (Gelterkinden)

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Awesome pictures by Stéphane Cazalet 30 September 2014

Sunday morning, Stéphane Cazalet was here with his camera.

You should go take a look at his pictures!

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