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Kasahara Cup 2017
30–October 01, 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

The tournament is over! Thanks to all for participating and see you next year!



1. Italia Mix

Dario Baeli, Alberto Sozzi, Fabio Bussi, Alessandro Ricaldone, Fabrizio Mandia

2. KJB

Endy Thivolle, Lucas Przewlocki, Jérémie Dupuis, Julien Michaud, Gabriel Abou El Seoud

3. Versailles

Fabien Salson, Jérôme Augustin, Etienne Ndiaye, Alena Lozhkina, Ludovic Hidrio

3. Saint Etienne

Thomas Peyroche, Wilfried Olivier, Hervé Blanchard, Gilliam Sayad, Andres Massa, Steven Guerra


1. Hervé Blanchard (Saint Etienne)

2. Endy Thivolle (Valence)

3. Andres Massa (Saint Etienne)

3. Romain Longuepe (Lille)

FS: Genta Kozaki (Mainz)


1. Sabrina Kumpf (Aarau)

2. Kiyoko Moutarde (Annecy)

3. Laura Schäfer (München)

3. Aurélia Blanchard (Lille)

FS: María Slöcker (Madrid)


1. Tadeu Kimura (Zurich)

2. Kilian Hecht (Lucerne)

3. Youzo Moutarde (Annecy)

3. Naima Geiger (Zurich)

FS: Kaori Kimberleigh Krammer (Zurich)


1. Ugo Goliard (Le Puy)

2. Naoki Henry-Viel (Annecy)

3. Théo Renz (Zurich)

3. Erik Koller (Lucerne)

FS. Thais Kimura (Zurich)

Latest headline

Kyu exams September 28, 2017

This year we will not organize any Kyu examinations prior to the competition. Thank you for your understanding.

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